We love creating fun and imaginative stories for ALL readers! Both in print and online, we love the process and end results in comic book making. 

Legends of Plush (or LoP as it's known in most corners of the world) follows the adventures of several stuffed animals as they slay dragons, hunt for gold, and make a name for themselves. Well, that's the goal anyway. 


As every adventurer knows, things don't always go according to plan. Especially when your bard considers himself too good to play taverns, the barbarian flips out if anybody so much as mentions her name, the rogue can't keep her mitts to herself, and you sometimes catch the wizard just... staring at you. While you're sleeping. And it's his watch!


It's too much for one cleric to hold together, but that won't keep him from trying!

When a yeti awakens to the dawn of Spring, he can’t help but feel the natural drive to find companionship. But when all you can do is roar, it’s hard to get people to like you. Especially when you’re a yeti, what with the sharp teeth and claws. Join Roar as he overcomes prejudice to find friendship, and even love.